Arzum Headquarters by Habif Architecture

By : Dennis Franklin | 21 Oct 2014 10:45 pm | Offices

The Arzum Headquarters located in the Istanbul Province of Turkey was designed in 2010 by the practice of Habif Architecture as a holistic space placed on an artistic icon which is the Arzum Museum.

The museum was placed at the entrance to keep it somewhat separated from the working environment and the display unit was called the “dinosaur” since it is large and acts as a division for the workspace while also welcoming the guests inside.

There is a wooden platform with small gaps that fit the products which will be displayed in it and the columns of the office have been painted in the corporate colors of Arzum with the crucial dates in the company’s history inscribed on them to remind the employees of the former struggles.

The layout is open and the division of the departments was emphasized only through the different floor levels. There are large meeting rooms at the entrance and smaller rooms spread through the entire workspace for more efficient interactions between the employees.


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