Art Deco Interior by NG-studio Sanremo

By : Dennis Franklin | 18 Jan 2014 1:30 pm | Apartments

The NG-studio Sanremo created this luxurious private apartment in St. Petersburg, Russia with a highly exquisite interior design using royal blue and gold as the predominant tones along with a white ceiling to provide a truly classy space.

The apartment was designed for temporary stays and it comprises of two sections, one of them includes the living room, kitchen and dining area, while the other is the private section of the home accommodating two bedrooms with their own wardrobes.

The aesthetic of the apartment tries to reflect the client’s taste for an extravagant and eclectic style and it uses natural materials and quality fabrics. The neutral tones receive color through the employment of golden surfaces to bring the inhabitants a sense of comfort and warmth with wooden textures completing the ambiance.

Each room tries to offer its own setting and the one thing that brings them all together is the glamour, with the golden touches being placed so that they don’t become overwhelming but only make the spaces more royal and warmer.



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