Arkhe Beauty Salon by Moriyuki Ochiai Architects / TwoPlus-A

By : Dennis Franklin | 4 Aug 2013 7:57 pm | Other

We have covered the Aluminum Flower Garden designed by the practice of Moriyuki Ochiai Architects / TwoPlus-A in a previous article (here) and now we have the opportunity to see their project incorporated into a larger design, namely the Arkhe Beauty Salon in Chiba, Japan.

The dynamic and aquatic effect of the sculptural ceiling makes each room quite unique and the hair cutting space is filled with it to offer a highly varied light effect. The word “arkhe” refers to water and the belief that it is the source of all creation so that it will always bring new ideas and perspectives to life due to the way it reflects the light while it changes during the day.

The waiting area has a lower ceiling and a calmer ambiance to create a calming effect and also to make the impact of moving into the other rooms more powerful.



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