Arena Da Amazonia by GMP Architekten

By : Dennis Franklin | 11 Jun 2014 5:10 pm | Stadiums

Arena Da Amazonia is located in Manaus, Brazil and it was designed by the GMP Architekten practice with a roof wrapping downward to ensure the all necessary shading which is required in the hot and humid climate.

The project was completed in 2014 to be ready for the 2014 World Cup and it has a structure made of cantilevers that support each other and with steel core girders that act as water drains as well to take advantage of the tropical rains which are frequent.

The natural ventilation is ensured through the translucent fiberglass fabric of the skeleton and the location of the stadium is on a central axis which connects the city and the airport so that it acts as a landmark for the city.

The capacity of the stadium is of 45000 seats, which is sufficient for the large international crowds that are expected in the region, while also having a layout that optimizes circulation.



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