Architect’s Villa in Saint-Tropez

By : Dennis Franklin | 2 Sep 2016 1:13 pm | Homes

The Architect’s Villa is located in L’Escalet, Saint-Tropez offering stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea and a comfortable four bedroom holiday home which is equipped with retractable glazed walls to blend the differences between outdoor and indoor.

The living area extends to the terrace and there is an infinity pool from which you can admire the beautiful surroundings while also relaxing or swimming. The villa is placed close to natural forests and hillsides so that it offers the perfect hideaway for your vacations with a sweeping poolside patio where you can truly relax and enjoy the sights.

The interior has glazed columns to permit natural light inside and bathroom has textured stone and natural woodgrain to maintain a cool atmosphere, but the dining is usually done outdoors due to the comfortable climate.

The bedrooms are small but open to the outdoors through sliding glass doors leading to the deck. The architecture of the villa is cubed and there are panels of wood planking to add a natural touch to the stark white exterior blending the edges with the surrounding trees.



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