Architect’s Office by Spaces [email protected]

By : Dennis Franklin | 27 Jan 2015 11:46 pm | Offices

The Spaces [email protected] practice designed their new office in New Delhi, India in 2013 in a basement area that is spread over two levels and in a manner that wants to combine leisure activities with an efficient work environment.

The project spreads over a surface of 150 square meters and each zone has a layout determined by its purpose, so the main cabin and conference area were placed at the rear for additional privacy while still allowing them to have a visual connection with the front office.

The irregular geometry of the interior is its main attraction with the roof having glass fixtures as the main source of natural light for the office. The conference area was placed on a raised platform with steel pipes and abstract partitions to continue the ceiling and extend it through multiple boxes that portray the creative force of the firm.

The main cabin has an outer partition created with a fluid shape and veneer cladding leading to the ceiling of the conference room and it is inclined at both planes with a glass sliding partition that can become an individual space.


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