By : Dennis Franklin | 7 Apr 2014 7:16 pm | Other

The BERNASKONI architectural practice created ARC as a research into space acting as a border between a forest and a field in Nikola-Lenivets, Kaluga Oblast, Russia.

The structure has the purpose of a triumphal arch or as a portal and it also offers an observation deck and a bar. The top is reached through a spiral staircase that connects to the Artist’s Room. Each area was designed as an art installation with sustainable principles in mind.

The structure is created out of a large board with cuttings acting as structural elements. The rectangular shape of the plan and exterior appears as an unusual element in the natural environment but the black color allows it to integrate with the surroundings.

To act as a portal, the designers added an acute angle cut in the center allowing pedestrians to pass through it. The project was designed in 2012 and it spreads over a surface of 72 square meters.



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