Apartment in Warsaw by Hola Design

By : Dennis Franklin | 8 Apr 2014 8:09 pm | Apartments

The Hola Design studio created this elegant duplex apartment in Warsaw, Poland combining contemporary and classical elements to offer a very luxurious ambiance which takes something from each style the investors liked.

The designers wanted to create a space which would reflect the temperament and taste of the owner so the apartment became a unique dream home for them since each part reflects one of them. The aesthetic is timeless and done with high quality finishes to ensure the exclusive look.

There is a large living room with the kitchen integrated, a comfortable master bedroom, four bathrooms, two rooms for the children, a guest room and a home office. The guest room was separated from the office through large sliding doors and the upstairs hall became a small library with shelves and a comfortable armchair to ensure comfort and privacy.

The furniture and appliances are custom made be the Hola Design studio or commissioned by them to the Stylhen brand.



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