Apartment in Tel Aviv Close to the Sea by Daniel Hasson

By : Dennis Franklin | 10 Mar 2014 6:54 pm | Apartments

This exquisite apartment is located in Tel Aviv next to the sea and it was created by the designer Daniel Hasson as a continuous open living area opening toward the outdoors through the use of extensive glass surfaces to offer a soothing ambiance that makes the sea a part of the overall design.

Most of the walls have been replaced with floor to ceiling glass panels and the interior has an open plan with a color palette that ranges from white on the walls and ceiling, to beige on the curtains and pieces of furniture and all the way to black and gold to create a rich and luxurious space.

The furniture pieces and decorative elements come from designers such as Armani or Fendi Casa adding rich textures and contrasts that lead to a harmonious setting. The bedrooms have marble floors and enormous beds, while the bathroom offers a beautiful view of the sea so you can enjoy the sunset while relaxing in the tub.



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