Apartment Singel by Laura Alvarez Architecture

By : Dennis Franklin | 29 Aug 2015 4:22 pm | Apartments

Located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, the Singel Apartment was renovated by the practice of Laura Alvarez Architecture.

The two floor apartment is in a building which is a national monument and the intention was to transform the space into one that is closer to modern standards while also preserve and put the ancient building into focus.

The first floor opens into a living area of 70 square meters and it incorporated different areas for various activities with a steel staircase leading to the kitchen and dining areas. There is a nut-wood sliding door in this area which allows you to separate the entrance hall and the living area.

The upper floor has the main bedroom and a guestroom with several satin-glass walls to allow a better illumination of the interior and also provide views toward the Amsterdam channels. Both of the spaces on this floor are designed as a single large room that can be divided if necessary and the bathroom lies in between them.

There are frameless doors which try to improve the way that space is perceived through sharp surfaces and the bamboo flooring on the second floor tries to add a warm ambiance in contrast to the gray epoxy floor of the first level.



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