Apartment Renovation in Moscow by Vladimir Malashonok

By : Dennis Franklin | 11 Mar 2014 6:01 pm | Apartments

Located on the south side of Moscow, Russia, this apartment was renovated by the designer Vladimir Malashonok to host a family of two into a highly elegant and modern space that combines the white and wooden tones into a warm interior.

The renovated apartment offers all the amenities needed for a couple with a large hall, guest lavatory, a cabinet, master bedroom with a bathroom and gym, while the kitchen, living room and dining area are all integrated into a single open plan space.

The rooms have strong contrasts and a minimalist color palette which creates diversity through dramatic contrasts and a complex geometry in which dynamic shapes define the space. The materials used are inexpensive and simple but the end result is no less impressive because of it, since the designers combined the laminated panels, tiles and gypsum that predominate in a very elegant and creative interior with a truly contemporary style.



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