Apartment in Moscow by Yevhen Zahorodnii

By : Dennis Franklin | 17 Feb 2015 11:47 pm | Apartments

The architect Yevhen Zahorodnii designed this elegant contemporary apartment located in Moscow, Russia with an open layout that wanted to preserve the connection between all areas of the apartment with a cohesive ambiance.

Spreading over a surface of 1184 square feet, the apartment contains a living room with the kitchenette integrated, a hallway, two bathrooms and bedrooms. The bright walls make each area seem more spacious and dark granite panels bring a contrasting touch that also creates an elegant vibe.

The furniture pieces are neutrally toned and the two dark cherry armchairs continue the colors in the abstract painting above the sofa. The corridor offers a solution to storage problems with a closet spreading over the entire wall surface and a mirror extends the space here.

The bedroom continues the neutral tones and the designers used the paining above the bed as a source of inspiration, implementing an illumination system that seems to continue the artwork, creating a balanced and wonderfully ingenious ambiance.


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