Apartment in Lazarz by Mili Mlodzi Ludzie

By : Dennis Franklin | 30 Apr 2014 7:15 pm | Apartments

The designer Mili Mlodzi Ludzie created this minimalist apartment in Lazarz, Poland with a geometrical aesthetic provided by the black lines which intersect each other and create focal points on the predominantly white tone of the floor, walls and ceiling.

The lines also extend on the furniture and corners, passing through each area of the house and acting as handles for the cabinets that cover the living area walls, offering abundant storage space due to the hidden compartments.

The kitchen follows the same minimalist pattern with black and white table and stools creating a strong contrast with a simple design. The abundant white inside is further enhanced through carefully planned illumination and the entrance hosts a suspended area above it accessible through a staircase.

The bathroom is also hidden behind a barely visible white door and it has a graphical pattern created by the black and white tiles with black beams on the ceiling to carry the cohesive décor in this area as well.



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