Apartment in Santa Teresa by Romero Vallejo Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 15 Aug 2013 2:18 pm | Apartments

This superb apartment is on the second floor of a block of flats in Toledo, Spain and it was designed by the practice of Romero Vallejo Architects for a couple without children which required larger living areas but didn’t want the entire layout modified.

The apartment featured a living room, kitchen and four bedrooms linked together through a narrow corridor and the designers suggested the reduction of the number of bedrooms and the reorganization of the space so that it is better illuminated and ventilated as well as more accessible and overall energy efficient.

The design found a wonderful way to combine the modern and new style with the original layout so that the floor to ceiling doors have been disguised in the furniture and a colored carpet spreading through the whole apartment gives contrast to the bright white walls and ceiling. This layout along with the decorative floor tiles, which were hand made by local sources, brings the rooms together as a single continuous space.



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