Apartment in Lucca by Studiovo

By : Dennis Franklin | 15 Jul 2013 5:36 pm | Apartments

The Studiovo Design Lab created the interior of this apartment located in the historic center of Lucca with a contemporary ambiance that is defined by alternating bright tones and stronger colors.

The interior also attracts attention through its sharp angles and there is a custom made wooden lacquered brown anthracite wall which opens up to reveal several home accessories and the way toward the dining room furnished with white Verner Paton chairs.

From this living room the apartment gives access to the kitchen which is brightly illuminated and there are also three terraces which provide intimacy and also offer a great view of the city.

The apartment spreads over a surface of 200 square meters with the terraces taking 80, and it hosts an additional dining area, a master bedroom and bathroom, a guest bathroom and a small desk in the master bedroom to act as a mini-office.

The predominantly black and white tone of the interior is completed with several artworks such as comic strips or sculptures to create a diverse and dynamic ambiance that is both elegant and functional.



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