Apartment “H” by Re-Act Now

By : Dennis Franklin | 23 May 2016 6:07 am | Homes

Located on the coast of the Black Sea in the city of Constanta, Romania, this apartment is the work of the Re-Act Now studio and it features an immaculate white home with transparent colored partitions to give it a stunning effect and change of ambiance.

Called simply Apartment “H”, it features a modern design, even futuristic due to its highly original illumination, and apart from being a comfortable home could probably also be a perfect place for a party.

The abundant white tries to transport inside the apartment what the designers called a “sea coast feeling”, borrowing the limitless and pure feeling you have on the beach through the light in the interior.

The apartment also has the glass partition as a significant element with special spectral film glued on it to create an amazing light effect throughout the space due to its optical properties. The colors always change according to the rays of light that pass through it and thus make the entire space seem magically alive.



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