Apartment For An Art Collector by Consuelo Jorge

By : Dennis Franklin | 26 Feb 2015 10:20 am | Apartments

This apartment combines exquisite works of art with a contemporary design created by the architect Consuelo Jorge to offer a very elegant and quite unique home for an art collector in Brazil.

The designer had to ensure a comfortable home for the inhabitants while also providing a carefully considered setting for the works of art and the harmony he achieved is indeed impressive. The modern ambiance is bright and open with the entrance defining the tone of the entire apartment with a tunnel to create the transfer from the outdoors to the interior.

This tunnel replaces the usual doors with a Finnish Pinus wood encasing with a biometric door lock for entrance. The flooring is comprised of Limestone with a baiteg blue tone and it really recreates the atmosphere inside an art gallery, especially with all the artworks set through the space.

The entrance features pieces such as the works of Frans Krajberg, Ibere Camargo, Tomie Othake and installations by Mira Schendel and Angel Ramirez.


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