Apartment in Dusseldorf by Ando Studio

By : Dennis Franklin | 23 Jun 2014 6:14 pm | Apartments

Ando Studio created the visualization for an apartment in Dusseldorf, Germany which uses neutral tones and a chic contemporary aesthetic to ensure a great ambiance.

The project is located in an attic and this reduced the overall living surface but it also made the interior geometry more diverse, increasing the privacy of the inhabitants and letting extra light inside through the sloping windows.

The overall white tones of the ceiling, walls and flooring are complemented by darker touches on some of the furniture and furnishings to bring more diversity inside and there are different geometric patterns setting the dynamic of each space such as the ones found on the carpets in the living area, dining area and bedroom.

The lounge section of the living area is separated from the dining space through a wall and this creates the perfect spot for an art piece that also brings some color to the interior.



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