Apartment Celebrates the Look of Natural Wood by PartiDesign

By : Dennis Franklin | 6 Aug 2014 6:17 pm | Apartments

This contemporary apartment combines a white space with the texture and tone of wood to create a very modern and natural aesthetic coming from the Asian team of PartiDesign Studio.

The main crafting material is easily noticed in the pictures since wood is everywhere but its light tone doesn’t seem to overwhelm the ambiance, it just makes the space cozier. The living room is the area where most wood is displayed through the front and back walls, flooring and the large number of shelves that ensure sufficient storage room.

The dining space is adjacent to the lounge area and there is a wooden ceiling panel here to define and separate the zone with wooden furniture. There are several types of wood so that there is a diversity of texture and tone instead of a single element and this is combined with neutral tones of gray, white and teal.

The bedrooms have less wood, using teal and a cool blue tone for a more balanced setting that also emphasizes the different purpose of these rooms.



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