An Apartment in Belgrade by Aleksandar Savikin

By : Dennis Franklin | 28 Mar 2014 8:19 pm | Apartments

This duplex apartment in Belgrade, Serbia was designed by the architect Aleksandar Savikin and it is located in a building that was also created by him.

The designer wanted to bring as many of the areas into a common area to create an open plan space and the duplex is spread over two floors with a large terrace on the upper level. Spreading over a surface of 217 square meters of floor area and with a terrace of 180 square meters, the apartment is quite large with the lower level hosting the social area and the upper level containing the master bedroom and child’s room.

The living area integrates the dining room, kitchen and bar and it leads to the terrace and to the upper level through the stairs. The area between the stairs and the terrace hosts a large wardrobe, a toilet and a guest room with its own walk-in closet and bathroom.

The “winter garden” gives access to the terrace and it contains a pilot kitchen with a built-in wine fridge and sliding doors integrate this area with the terrace during summertime.



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