Apartment 11C by Rado Rick Designers

By : Dennis Franklin | 17 Apr 2015 4:40 pm | Apartments

This bright and modern apartment located in Bratislava, Slovakia features a minimalist aesthetic created by the Rado Rick Designers studio with an open layout to connect the kitchen and living room as was the desire of the owners.

The tones of the interior are neutral and predominantly white on the flooring, ceiling, walls and some of furniture pieces as well, combined with a large black closet and gray seats. The flexibility of the living area is improved through the use of modular furniture pieces and each element stands out as a unique touch to add diversity and personality to the space without the need for multiple colors.

The TV stand is simple and efficient, enhancing the light in the area and featuring a glass partition with a modern fireplace in front of it. The kitchen brings a dynamic touch through the angular design of the central island which serves as a divider as well.


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