AP 1211 by Alan Chu

By : Dennis Franklin | 15 Jul 2013 5:19 pm | Apartments

The Apartment 1211 was designed by the Alan Chu studio as a small loft which uses a single element to organize the entire space and in this project this element is the autoclaved pinewood of the crates.

Located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the project spreads over a surface of 36 square meters and it is distributed over two floors. The design choices were to create a space which uses a lot of colors and textures to create a rich and joyous ambiance in which the objects seem to be arranged in a random manner.

The crates act as various elements, they hold the kitchen, pantry, entertainment space and they also hide the structure of the mezzanine. The communication between the floors is made through a cylindrical stairway and it is another one of the main attractions of the apartment with a sculptural black shape that is also space efficient.



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