Antony-Multisports Complex by Archi5 + Tecnova architecture

By : Dennis Franklin | 20 May 2014 6:01 am | Sport Arenas

The Antony-Multisports Complex located on Rue de l’Annapurna in Antony, France was designed by the practice of Archi5 in collaboration with Tecnova architecture in 2011 as a response to the site so that the structure would make its public nature obvious, trying to interact with the surrounding public spaces.

The designers found a way of making the façade mysterious so that it would attract the curiosity of the visitors, being reminiscent of a dark box with a monolithic form breaking from the standards of the local architecture which are mostly comprised of rows of pink houses.

The entrance is in the side with the raised corner and it will unveil the purpose of the building through the glazed entrance walls. The roof hosts a garden which presents an alternative landscape in the shape of a hanging square, while the interior has surfaces adapted to suit the various sports areas.

The structure can host activities such as fencing or table tennis in a single hall, there is a dance hall and there are also combat areas.



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