Another Stunning House in Madrid by A-Cero

By : Mark V | 23 Apr 2016 4:06 am | Homes

This wonderful residence is located in the Pozuelo de Alarcón suburb in Madrid and it’s designed by the well known A-Cero Architects. The luxurious design, the functions it has to offer, everything points out to the fact that this house is the perfect place to live in.

The mansion receives natural light since the designers chose to go with floor to ceiling windows. There are extra features that this house to offer such as: indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a cellar, a music room for the music fans and a gym to keep in shape. The designers had several things in mind when they designed the place, desiring to combine the aesthetics of architecture with the utility that a home can offer.

The feeling you get when you enter the house points out to extravagance since the pieces of furniture combine both old and new influences in interior design. The residence also has a beautiful library that offers a lot of interesting books. The piece du resistance is one of the bedrooms that has a fireplace,being the main attraction in that room.

The place seems inviting and warm because the colour palette chosen by the designers is dominated by neutral tones,increasing the sense of luxury.

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