Animated Duplex Showcasing a Colorful Design Scheme by Juliana Baumhardt Arquitetura

By : Dennis Franklin | 12 Mar 2014 8:28 pm | Apartments

This duplex was designed by the practice of Juliana Baumhardt Arquitetura with a beautiful contemporary style and an open plan setting located in a glamorous district in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

The living area integrates the kitchen and dining space and the colors throughout are predominantly neutral with shades of gray on the floor and white on the ceiling and walls but the ambiance is enriched with touches of color provided by the furniture of the artworks so the resulting space is vivid and modern.

The bedroom has a blue tone and the second floor is cozier in its ambiance making it a good place to have a gathering or just relax after a long day. The apartment has several areas closer to the classical aesthetic with vintage furniture pieces and wooden surfaces to bring a natural touch indoors.

The overall apartment is far from minimalist and each space brings out its own personality to ensure a diverse and creative environment.



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