Angophora House by Richard Cole Architecture

By : Dennis Franklin | 10 Jul 2013 7:58 pm | Homes

Located in Sydney, Australia, the Angophora House was designed by the practice of Richard Cole Architecture on an escarpment in a highly urbanized heritage conservation area of the Waverton region.

The designers solved the difficulties that the site offered through a platform, elements of cave and canopy and thus they created a space which might seem odd at first but proves to be highly functional and efficient.

The entrance is made by passing a concrete wall with a rooftop garden over it and there are two platforms which extend out from the escarpment. Due to several mobile walls made from insulated timber, this space can transform into an open plan.

To respond to the slope toward the north side of the site a timber lined roof was built which frames the view of the Angophora trees nearby and the lower rooms retain the escarpment being accessed by a lift connecting them to the garage and the street.



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