AND-SuperPress-SuperBla Office in Shanghai, China

By : Mark V | 28 Jun 2015 2:08 am | Interiors, Offices

The office has a design that invites you to be creative since it doesn`t have any color or material,you have a black canvas that you can work on. The space seems pure because the floors, the ceiling, pieces of furniture and walls are all white and this aspect welcomes the visitors to overcome their shyness and give in to creativity.

The companies that appeal to the office and use it are open minded and their working style leans towards avant garde ideas. The purpose of the designers was to get away from the idea of a standard, grey office. That is why every element of décor, object or furniture is different.

The space allows the teams to work in a sort of a circle thus allowing the changing of teams-which can be easily arranged since everybody is used with the quick pace of this century and working on laptops has its advantages,too. Every element of design coincided with the working process.

There is no private space in this office because the current team is quite small and they rely a lot on brainstorming,so a space that welcomes communication arose. Although the office space is quite small,the white design invites people in,making them curious to find out more about the idea of this design.

This is a well done project because the space fits the need of its users and it also attracts visitors,making them ask questions about the design. The business Superpress, Superbla and its creative team have all the necessary tools for success,including a spectacular place that invites creativity in.

The business aims to provide services related to new technologies and medias so they will have a lot of brainstorming sessions in this space to come up with a lot of creative ideas.


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