AMMO by Joyce Wang

By : Dennis Franklin | 10 Jul 2013 7:50 pm | Restaurants & Bars

This splendid project was created by the Joyce Wang architectural practice as a landmark building and the headquarters for the Wan Fang Limited in Hong Kong.

The project is called AMMO since it was built in a former explosives warehouse built in the 19th century by the British army, making the site of historical and cultural importance. The restaurant tries to reference the building’s past through its design.

The main source for the interior was the science-fiction film Alphaville directed by Jean-Luc Godard which was the story of a dystopia where several freedom fighters try to fight the dictatorship currently in power, a theme which fits in quite well with the history of the site.

There are three spiral stair-like chandeliers built out of copper plumbing pipes and they attract some of the attention inside referencing the film once again. In the restaurant they also try to make the visitors focus on the 6 meters high ceiling which is supported by copper ribs and has the shape of a bunker.



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