Amchit Residence by Blankpage Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 18 Oct 2014 11:23 pm | Homes

The Amchit Residence is a bachelor pad located in Nahr el Mott, Lebanon with a stunning design and a view of the ocean, featuring a design created by the practice of Blankpage Architects.

The project was designed as a layering of several decks that want to maximize the connection to the sea, with slabs being sustained by a steel structure made with square columns on a 2.55meter module and a glass enclosure. To ensure the privacy the designers implemented a system of horizontal and vertical wooden louvers and the access to the residence is made from the street level below the upper deck due to the inclined site.

The upper platform is where the master bedroom is contained with direct access to a lap pool and sun deck, while the middle platform contains two additional bedrooms and a living area. The lower level is where you can reach the sea and it hosts a reception area, an infinity pool and a staircase to the shore.


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