Amazon research network by estudio arkiz

By : Dennis Franklin | 21 May 2015 1:33 pm | Other

This unique and amazing project is the product of the estudio arkiz design team which started as a part of a large network of research facilities for the study, monitoring and the protection of the rainforest. This network would be expanded over 20 years through several stations that will be placed in key spots over the Amazon.

Since the rainforest hosts an immense number of species of animals and insects (over 30 million types!), it requires protection since the lack of it allows illegal activities such as the forest burning, lumbering or bio piracy which endanger the ecosystem.

What the estudio arkiz team proposes is a fleet of scientific vessels that will study and regulate different aspects of the environment while also trying to spot and prevent any illegal activities. The vessels will have several docking stations in the shape of floating research platforms housing 12 members and the needed accommodations and services along with six laboratories for biology, geology, meteorology and zoology. In case of need these will also have the possibility of becoming medical facilities.

The materials are mostly of local provenance and light aluminum and wood are predominant together with several rooftop photovoltaic panels both for the vessels, which provide enough energy for a week without the need to refuel, and for the research stations.



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