Amazing Creativity: Russian Google Offices

By : Mark V | 8 Aug 2011 12:22 am | Interiors, Offices

Have you ever wondered how a Google Office looks like? I’m sure a couple of you have already seen photos of Google Offices from all over the world and you were really impressed by the interesting, modern and creative designs from those offices. Today we’re going to show you a couple of photos with the amazing interior of the Google Offices from Russia that we’re sure you will enjoy.

Camenzind Evolution, a Swiss design firm, is the company which designed these amazing Google Offices located in Russia’s biggest cities, Moscow and St. Petersburg. As the company’s name states, the concept of evolution was highly respected in designing these offices that also feature, meeting, interaction and game rooms for moments of recreation when people have a deserved break.

From the brick lined front desk located at the entrance of the office, the coffee bar and lounging areas, the comfortable and colorful living room, the meeting spaces and the really creative environment overall, you might think this is the perfect place to get your creativity going and start working on cool projects.

All employees have their recreational break at a certain moment of the day and the game room meets all their needs probably. Every space is colorful and full of life, a great match between technology and creativity that makes a sort of atmosphere where everyone is invited to take part and seems like a sort of wonderland for the people who work here.


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