Amalfi Drive Residence by BGD Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 3 Mar 2016 1:42 am | Homes

Located in front of a river in Queensland, Australia, on an established residential island, the Amalfi Drive Residence was designed by the practice of BGD Architects.

The house is oriented toward the river and away from the street featuring an open plan which tries to maximize the entertainment areas and the surroundings. The materials used are concrete, stucco renders and New Guinea rosewood for the cladding of the exterior to create a warm and modern design. The east side of the project hosts a swimming pool which is also a sort of moat between the public and the private areas.

The interior is accessed through a portico made from recycled timber columns and the hallway offers a glimpse of the two floor area which is perpendicular to the river offering a great view of it. The middle of the house hosts a stairway linking the two levels and the materials inside vary from raw exposed areas and contrasting smooth finishes such as marble, bluestone or timber.

The living area is on the lower level while the bedrooms are placed on the second level for increased privacy.



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