Aluminum Flower Garden by Moriyuki Ochiai Architects/TwoPlus-A

By : Dennis Franklin | 18 Jun 2013 9:45 am | Other

This original project was designed by the practice of Moriyuki Ochiai Architects/TwoPlus-A for the Hana (which in Japanese means “flower”) restaurant and bar in Tokyo, Japan as a physical expression of the Japanese passion for flowers.

One of the most characteristic aesthetic ideas that the Japanese promote is the desire to create complex structures from a few materials and in this case aluminum was the singular element used in the construction of the three dimensional sculptural decoration.

Due to the flexibility and lightness of the aluminum it could be easily creased into the structure we see in the pictures which covers the ceiling with flower-like bends to give the space a distinct atmosphere which is adapted to the purpose of each individual room.

The illumination of the space is significantly enhanced through the reflections created by the aluminum and various flickers begin to appear as the clients move through the space to provide new experiences each time. Another important feature of this “flower garden” is its mobility and this allowed the designers to use similar themes in some of their other projects as well.



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