Allez Up by Smith Vigeant Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 14 Feb 2014 8:45 am | Other

Allez Up is an indoor rock climbing space which was designed by the practice of Smith Vigeant Architects in the Southwest borough of Montreal, Canada on a site surrounded by the Lachine Canal and silos of the old Redpath sugar refinery which were converted into this recreational facility.

The abandoned silos were transformed into the rock-climbing gym in order to maximize the potential of the historical vestiges that remind of the former industrial past of the city and their height proved to be a great aid in the transformation.

The cliffs have a white tone in order to resemble the sugar cliffs and remind the visitors of the original use of the silos with routes of various difficulties for both beginners and more experienced climbers. The envelope and siding are metallic as a tribute to the industrial character of the site but there are enormous windows offering a view toward the St Patrick Street and long shafts to allow a good deal of natural light inside.



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