Allandale House Project by William O’Brien Jr

By : Mark V | 19 May 2015 7:11 pm | Homes

The unusual Allandale house was designed by Cambridge-based architect William O’Brien Jr especially to accommodate a family during small vacations. The contemporary style of the house beautifully contrasts with the interior details that create an atmosphere of luxury.

The colour palette is joyful, which was quite a bold move made by the architect since the house is placed in a forest area. The black and white classic contrast is the major theme in the design of the house and the windows are huge so they can let the natural light fill the rooms. The black exterior makes the house stand out in the area and the shape of the structure looks like a triangle.

It`s impossible not to notice the Allandale House, even at a distance. The interior is in harmony with the exterior of the building since O`Brien Jr chose contrasts as a theme for both the interior as well as the exterior design. Dark colours contrast with white, creating a welcoming atmosphere that hints to luxury.


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