Albany Entertainment Centre by Cox Howlett & Bailey Woodland + Roberts Gardiner

By : Dennis Franklin | 8 Sep 2014 5:40 pm | Other

The Albany Entertainment Center located on Toll Place, Albany, Australia was designed in 2010 through the collaboration of Cox Howlett & Bailey Woodland with Roberts Gardiner to create an iconic structure on the waterfront as a catalyst for community interaction.

The standards of performance are of international quality and there is a rich history of the place hosting interaction between various cultures. The entertainment interacts with the harbor and with the township as a threshold between them and its sculptural exterior resembles the crystalline structure of the earth acting as a diamond which reflects the light.

The undulating aesthetic responds to the nearby harbor and the roof integrates with the mountain close to the town. The large and imposing interior maintains a connection with the surroundings through the glass corridors and the main auditorium combines an industrial tone on the walls and ceiling with warmer tones of brown and purple for the seats and flooring.


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