Alaloum Board Game Cafe by Triopton Architects

By : Dennis Franklin | 2 Oct 2013 5:41 pm | Other

Located in Nea Filadelfeia, a suburb near Athens, Greece, the Alaloum Board Game Café was designed by the practice of Triopton Architects and it is a space which was created with the single purpose of being a haven for the board game lovers.

There are two levels with a total surface of 160 square meters and the main idea behind the design is the preservation and enhancement of the geometries of the structure with creative decorative elements that allow the clients to dive into the world of the games they love.

The game-library is the main area made of red steel and wooden boxes rising to a height of 5.50 meters and there is also a red metal ladder connecting the two levels made of a perforated steel grid. The metal lamps were designed by the architects and they also highlight the building elements and the colorful decorations on the walls and ceilings.

A lot of the pre-existing building materials were reused and the walls and furniture have various representations of games to make the purpose of the interior obvious to everyone.



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