Akmani Legian by TWS Partners

By : Dennis Franklin | 6 Aug 2014 7:39 am | Hotels & Spas

The Akmani Legian is a convenient hotel located in Kuta, Badung, Bali, Indonesia and it was designed in 2012 by the TWS Partners practice connecting the Legian Street with the Banesari Street through a pedestrian passage that is accessible day and night.

The area is filled with shops, pubs and restaurants and thus the designers wanted to improve the flexibility and functionality of the surroundings with this passageway, adding a space of 5 meters in width that gets quite spacious once the central zone is accessed.

The transition area offers a great opportunity for pedestrians to have a view of the hotel and its surroundings since the top northern side gives access to the Roof Garden Lounge. The southern side is where the villas are located and they also can connect with the Garden Lounge to enjoy the view of the Kuta Beach nearby.

The design wants to promote local sources and thus Kerawang Brick and rustic wood were combined with glass and vegetation for a more traditional aesthetic.



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