AJA Restaurant by Arch.Lab

By : Dennis Franklin | 2 Feb 2015 9:45 pm | Restaurants & Bars

The AJA Restaurant located in Chandigarh, India was designed in 2014 by the Arch.Lab architectural practice with a setting that wants to bring an unexpected tone into the urban landscape since it blends together nature and art in a contemplative manner.

The space was sunken so that there is no contact with the outdoors and there is a ramp which sets the transition between the two environments leading to the Garden of Herbs which offers its own flavor and aesthetic qualities.

Concrete predominates in the interior since it proves to be a great background for the artistic features and the core element inside is the Community Table that is the portrayal of the Aja concept while also emphasizing the need for collaboration.

Wooden blocks of varying heights were placed to bring more texture inside and the furniture pieces were created to make up a landscape with a labyrinth of metal pipes connecting with the floor.


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