AIR Madalena by Triptyque

By : Dennis Franklin | 29 Sep 2014 8:56 pm | Skyscrapers

AIR Madalena is a skyscraper housing residential apartments in the Vila Madalena neighborhood of Sao Paulo, Brazil and it was designed by the Triptyque architectural practice.

The apartments have a surface varying from 100 to 140 square meters and they have open air terraces with large windows to maintain a constant visual connection with the urban landscape. The project was completed in 24 months and it features a white exterior that deflects the heat while also providing lush gardens through the tower as a natural retreat in the middle of the city.

The climate defined the design and the exterior tone, as well as the gardens are all trying to create a more comfortable setting for the inhabitants. The units each have a secondary floor to compensate for the slender plan of the building and there are retractable walls to provide an enlarged space when needed. The neighborhood has a lot of cultural delights and easy access to a subway system at a distance of less than 500 meter.


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