Aether Apparel by Envelope A+D and CFM Inc.

By : Dennis Franklin | 18 Dec 2013 5:39 pm | Stores / Showrooms

Aether Apparel is a company that uses technical fabrics to offer performance sportswear with a modern look and they recently opened a new shop in San Francisco which was designed by the Envelope A+D architectural practice in collaboration with CFM Inc. (Chris French Metal).

The project is attractive since it spreads over three levels and is built using three shipping containers stacked one atop the other. The color is carbon and it offers a neutral tone for the contemporary structure attracting attention through the interesting design rather than by using bright colors.

The exterior is obviously quite industrial in aspect but once inside the ambiance becomes warmer with the combination of nontraditional materials and building techniques. The second level stands out and the extension is completely transparent being made of glass from floor to ceiling to ensure there is some natural light inside. The central area of each container is also glazed to reduce the need for artificial illumination and allow the passersby to catch glimpses of the interior.



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