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Architectism Readership

The average amount of daily unique visitors is 1,000 with 3.2 pages per visit and 2 to 4 minutes time spent on the site. We have an enthusiastic, attentive and engaged audience that is growing each day and the majority of our readership is based in the United States.

We offer Sponsor Post that will be the first or second post on for 1 month to bring maximum coverage for your project. After the sponsor period is over, the post will remain on the site. (Allow up to 3 links)  Cost is $250 USD

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Ad Spaces for Advertisments

We can offer you a number of ad zones where you can place advertisments and we also have other advertising opportunities.

300×250 Rectangle Banner (Above the fold in our Sidebar) – 1 Available – A sitewide banner which is located at the top of our sidebar in all the pages indexed and it probably has one of the best exposure amongst other ad zones.

300×250 Rectangle Banner (Below the fold in our Sidebar) – 1 Available – It’s located on a lower position near the site’s footer but it will appear in all pages indexed and it has pretty good exposure.

125×125 Small Ads (in our Sidebar) – 4 Available – These ads will appear in all indexed pages and the area for small ads is located in the middle of our Sidebar.

728×90 Top Banner (in the site’s Header) – 1 Available – The header area has a lot of exposure and a great click through rate depending on the nature of the advertisment

468×60 Banner (below each post) – 1 Available – This ad will appear below each post and above the comments area and it’s great for increasing your product and brand awareness.

We also offer Full Site Sponsorship which will probably give the advertiser maximum exposure to our readers.

Advertising Terms

All campaigns must be paid in full

We accept payment via PayPal, Western Union or Wire.

If you are interested in any of our advertising packages or if you have any questions, please let us know by visiting our Contact page.

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