Active House Project in Russia by Polygon Lab

By : Mark V | 26 Oct 2011 10:58 pm | Homes

The Active House is more like a project to prove that sustainable designs that have energy-efficient systems can be built in Russia. All in all the house is eco friendly, combining contemporary design with energy saving concepts. This project is very important since it is the first active house in Russia and it claims the position of a promoter in the sustainable design field in Russia.

A lot of distinguished guests participated in the official opening of the house including His Royal Highness the Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark who cut the ribbon with the help of the partners behind the project and other Russian officials. The residential house is a sum of environment friendly architecture, energy saving and healthy indoor climate.

The idea of an Active House is that it combines a lot of things: it offers a lot of natural light in the house and fresh air, it also has a beautiful architectural design, the materials strive to be eco friendly, and the engineering is innovative. It’s a project with a lot of implications; its main purpose is to show that Russia can have its share of energy efficient houses.

The Zagorodny Proekt Company, in cooperation with the VELUX Group were the designated companies to coordinate the project,the Zagorodny Proekt Company is one of the leading property developers in the Moscow area.

VELUX Group has put all its energy into assuring the development of sustainable designs in Moscow, healthy indoor environment that makes life easier and more comfortable and they are also promoting a stylish architectural design.

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