Abu Dhabi Central Market by Foster + Partners

By : Dennis Franklin | 22 Oct 2014 2:37 pm | Other

The Abu Dhabi Central Market was designed in 2014 by the architectural practice of Foster + Partners in one of the oldest parts of the city and thus the main source of inspiration was the traditional architecture of the region but with a modern twist that wants to provide an alternative to the shopping mall.

The central market combines luxury boutiques with food markets and craft shops as in the traditional souks and these experiences are all brought together into the changing rhythm of the squares, courtyards and alleyways.

The layout has several public routes that are actually outdoors and open during the night as well to act as central venues for the festivals and celebrations. When the weather becomes too hot, these spaces can be enclosed with roof panels sliding to control the temperature inside and they have a pattern created with the aid of an Islamic arts scholar that continues to the textured façade.


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