62 Buckingham Gate by Aukett Swanke

By : Dennis Franklin | 5 Dec 2014 12:17 pm | Offices

The large multipurpose building located on 62 Buckingham Gate in London, England and it was designed by the architectural practice of Aukett Swanke in 2014 to provide a highly modern, bright and airy working environment as well as retail areas.

The building spreads over twelve floors and has 38000 square meters of office space. The exterior facade is comprised of several folding planes that respond to the site and provide a complex geometry scaling the volumes of the building. The designers took their inspiration for the geometrical patterns from the crystal formations found in nature so that the organically triangulated surfaces would catch the light from different angles to give the illusion of dynamic lights.

The project incorporates high performance glass that controls the heat gain while at the same time ensuring sufficient natural light inside so that the energy balance is optimal. The entrance into the building starts with a public area where retail spaces and restaurants can be visited below a colored glass canopy, while the office spaces are reserved for the upper levels for additional security.


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