By : Dennis Franklin | 22 Mar 2013 9:19 pm | Other

Developed for the Work in Progress’12 contest the project was proposed as an experimental exhibition module for the architecture and design event of Projecto Casa’12.

Called by the interesting name of 5-OC.STRIPES, the designer was the practice of A2OFFICE and the main purpose for it was to present the opportunities and qualities of the thermo formable property of Corian, the material created by DuPont. With this purpose in mind, the piece doesn’t want to offer an abstract meaning to the ensemble but tries to emphasize the plastic potential that the material possesses.

Since we live in an age of minimalism, this work tries to reduce the significant to the point of nonexistence and thus force the observer to become aware of every element as it appears in a new perception, something yet uncategorized.

This project won the Work in Progress Award which was organized by an architect organization in Portugal in the year 2012.



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