10 impressive sport arenas built in 2014

By : Dennis Franklin | 1 Jan 2015 1:54 pm | Sport Arenas

The preparation for the FIFA World Cup championship in 2022 which will take place in Qatar led to the creation of some of the most innovative stadiums and there are plenty of sports arenas being built throughout the globe so today we will take a look at the ones we consider the most exciting.

10. Oceane Stadium by SCAU Architects


The project had a cost of 80 million Euros and has a capacity of 25000 seats with easy access since it is next to the principal roads of the city as well as near the railway to ensure the proximity to the center. The structure of the stadium spreads over a surface of 20000 square meters and is on a technical plinth to create a colorful and delicate encasing as a contrast to the industrial tissues and linear housing blocks in the vicinity.

9. Santiago Bernabeu Stadium Redeveloped by GMP Arquitectos


The designers said that this project will be the most important one in their careers and they did all they could to transform the stadium into the most advanced one in the world with extended stand capacities by four levels, a commercial center integrated into one of the sides and the structure will be topped with a retractable metallic roof which is covered in LEDs.

8. Pancho Arena by Tamas Dobrosi + Doparum Architects

The arena is a UEFA category III football stadium which can host Hungarian league matches and junior tournaments as well as international competitions. The beautiful arena has 3400 seats created to provide extra comfort and the design is quite unique due to the extensive use of wood.

7. Shantou University Sport Park by Manica Architecture

The project includes an Olympic natatorium, facilities for training and fitness as well as a boutique hotel with 200 rooms. The park wants to become a landmark in the region to inspire new developments of a similar quality throughout China.

6. Iceberg Skating Palace by GUP MNIIP mosproject-4

Located in Sochi, Russia, the palace hosts the figure skating and short track speed skating events and it provides 12000 seats spread across two tiers. The façade of the building reflects its purpose through a color palette using shades of blue and white and the surrounding landscape with the black sea and mountains is reflected through the sweeping geometry of the structure.

5. Al Bayt Stadium


The pictures seen here were released by the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy of Quatar and the architecture was designed by an unnamed group with Dar Al Handasa as design consultants. The stadium is inspired from the history of Quatar with a black and white tent similar to the ones used by the nomads in the region as a symbol of hospitality for the travelers.

4. David Beckham Major League Soccer Stadium by Arquitectonica and 360 Architecture

Located in the port of Miami, Florida, the project costs 200 million dollars and it will feature an undulating roof which will offer a view of the city skyline from the upper seats. The stadium will be the third largest venue of the division and it will have 25000 seats.

3. Stadio Della Roma by Woods Bagot

Located on the outskirts of Rome, Italy, the stadium has an architecture inspired by the ancient coliseum and it will be able to seat more than 52000 spectators. The project can be configured to host various sporting or entertainment events and the design elements are state-of-the-art, with a steel and concrete seating bowl with a stone scrim floating around it.

2. Fisht Olympic Stadium by Populous

The open-air stadium has walls and roof built as a continuous glass surface in order to reflect the sunlight off the nearby Black Sea during the daytime and the roof opens toward the north to offer a view of the Krasnaya Ployana Mountains as well as hosting an upper deck for a view of the Sea.

1. Qatar Foundation Stadium

The stadium has a capacity of 40000 seats and it was planned for the Education City of Qatar as the home of the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development. The interior and the façade are clad in triangular panels with translucent surfaces to change color according to the time of day and also to reflect the artificial light from inside.

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